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Mazie Tenorio     Mazie and her husband Paul make all the jewelry on this page. I wish I had a photo of both of them, but only managed one of Mazie. Mazie is a Navajo from the Tuba City area of Arizona. Paul is from Santo Domingo Pueblo. She and Paul met in Chicago when their parents were working there. They married and moved back to Santo Domingo Pueblo to start their life together. That was over 45 years ago. Paul does most of the cutting and grinding. Mazie does the pattern work and stringing. They make a wonderful team. Their trademark is the 3 pieces of coral on every strand and they are famous for their fine strands of heishe (shell beads). The materials used to make these necklaces are melo shell (white or orange), dark olivia shell (dark brown shells), turquoise (blue), jet (black) and coral (red) accents. All the strands are 2mm in diameter, very small.
     Do to the handmade nature of bead work all bead sizes are approximate. Santo Domingo's do not use calipers  work is sized by eye.
 Paul is an officer this year at the village so anything marked (sold out) may not be available this year.

10 strand White Olivia Necklace
 by Mazie Tenorio

This is the 10 strand light pattern using white olivia shells although all the patterns vary from necklace to necklace. It is 24" long and adjustable to 30". The beads are 3mm in diameter. Made from turquoise, jet and white and brown olive beads with coral bead accents. A trade mark or Mazie and Pauls'.

Price: $480.00


Mazie Tenorio

       5 strand Multi-Color Necklaces        by Mazie Tenorio

This is a 5 strand necklace.  The 3mm beads are made from turquoise, jet and orange melo shell. 24 inches long adjstable to 26 inches.

Price: $240.00