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Santo Domingo Pueblo (now called Kewa Pueblo) has been making their beads and inlay for centuries. They originally had a turquoise mine near their village. Now most of their turquoise comes from the turquoise mine in Kingman Arizona, Shells and other stones were traded with various other tribes. Now are supplied from all over the world. They still make their jewelry in the traditional way only using machines to cut, grind and polish.

I started my store in 1977 in Pena Blanca, New Mexico 3 miles to the north of Santo Domingo near an old very large windmill. Selling them their supplies to make their jewelry. Eventually after years, selling their jewelry. I now mainly sell thru this website. All their jewelry is hand made. All materials are natural. Turquoise is stabilized to make it easier to work and hold it's color. It is it's color, no dyes. All jewelry sold has the name of the person who made it. I have been a member of the
Indian Arts and Crafts Association since 1984. They guarantee the authentisity of their members.

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